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What a weekend full of AMAZING SUPER HERO SESSIONS!

I had so much fun this past weekend with each of my little clients and cant wait to get started blogging them all….but in usual fashion over here, I am not anywhere caught up on posts from 2016…BUT HAD to get my own lil guy’s batman session up before spring hit!

My sweet Wyatt is obsessed with all things batman….would live in batman pajamas if we let him, ( let’s be honest, it’s a constant daily fight when it’s time to put real clothes on and take off Batman pjs)  always has his batman watch on, non stop requesting batman cartoons…and it’s rare to find him not carrying around his favorite stuffed batman..he must sleep with it, take Cole to school with it, and have it in eyes sight at all times…. lol

So, when we moved him to a big boy room in the fall the theme was of course… Batman!! He turned three the end of Jan….and it was obvious what to do for his pics….I knew I had to capture this Batman obsessed cuteness….

Man, I just love the superhero phase for little boys…it’s just so darn cute.  Can’t wait to get a few of these on canvases for his room!! TGIF!


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